Services Overview

Nearly a decade ago, we launched with the intent to find strategies & solutions to client inquiries & challenges in cultivating and sustaining an inclusive, compliant and productive workplace reflective of organizational mission and values.  This includes noticing, affirming and incorporating what has been working already!


Typical Client concerns and needs: 

  • creating a harassment and discrimination free & compliant workplace, inclusive of leadership and personnel training

  • recruiting and retaining diverse talent for workplace management personnel and leadership

  • preventative solutions to mitigate liability risk

  • manage responsive solutions to allegations, including workplace investigations

  • assessment and enhancement of workplace morale and employee engagement

  • effective interim management services for organizations in leadership transition

  • creating and sustaining a workplace inclusive of diversity

  • assistance in comprehensive strategic planning inclusive of diversity values and operationalization of its protocols

  • workplace policy development compliant with US employment laws

  • retention initiatives such as: succession planning, mentoring & professional development


We found that such concerns required a “root cause" approach which drew from a customized blend of disciplines and industries, namely U.S. Employment Law, Diversity & Inclusion and Organizational Behavior & Development - as well as Appreciative Inquiry™- all areas within our expertise. 

As such, our approach to service arises within the nexus of these four knowledge sectors - and with them we offer solutions in dedication to the cultivation and optimization of your organizational health, well-being & performance.


Our Service Modalities:

 Training & education (learning & curriculum development), coaching & interventions, leadership management and coaching services, workplace investigations, intra-organizational conflict management & resolution, strategic planning and program development.



U.S. Employment Law Compliance

Organizations are tasked with providing a work environment that stimulates creativity; enables contributor engagement and productivity; andfacilitates professional growth, while safeguarding respect and complying with employment law standards.  Fulfilling this responsibility requires commitments to particular practices, values and goals.   This can be daunting in the age of increased litigation, cyber-broadcasting and a more knowledgeable and savvy workforce.


Our areas of focus:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

    • Title VII protections & State law equivalents

    • Prevention of and response to allegations of unlawful and sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation

  • The Employee Life-Cycle

    • (recruitment, hiring, performance, retention and cessation (e.g. termination))

  • Workplace Policy

    • (review, audit and drafting)

  • Workplace Violence

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (e.g. mediation)


Workplace Investigations

With our workplace investigation services, we partner with your organization to meet its legal obligation to take all steps necessary to prevent violations of law by promptly and thoroughly responding to any complaint or observation of an alleged violation of workplace practice, policy or the law.  We provide thorough and accurate investigations, remaining a neutral and objective fact-finder.  Moreover, we are sensitive to your organization’s desire to remain productive and not drain its resources during this process.  As such, we conduct our investigations with thoughtful preparation and efficiency, working with your People Management Team (HR) along with your Legal Department to ensure the most efficient use of resources and time. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


According to the Census Bureau, by 2042, more than 50% of Americans will hail from a race or ethnicity other than Caucasian.  In other words, in the next 20 or so years, America will be a “minority-majority" country.  Currently, there are at least 5 states that hold this title already.  Racial and ethnic diversification is not the only area of change, however.  There have been developments in the other areas providing opportunity for an equitable and inclusive workplace, such as gender identity, different abilities (“disabilities”) sexual orientation and religion, as well as other identities one may present. Additionally, there are multiple generations present in the workplace.  Naturally, these developments have resulted in changes in the American workforce.  And these strides necessitate changes in workplace attitudes.


Due to these realities, as well as the values diversity affords the workplace, employers are tasked with providing a work environment that stimulates creativity, enables productivity and facilitates professional growth, as well as safeguards respect and complies with employment law standards.  This becomes all the more important as individuals bring their “whole selves” to work.  In this era of unparalleled workplace diversity, these elements constitute the criteria for a respect-based, equitable and inclusive workplace, which is the best environment for a diverse workforce to develop and thrive.  Fulfilling this responsibility requires commitments to particular practices, values and goals.   Among the most important of these are the value of proper management pursuant to an inclusive workplace, and the attendant goal of creating a harassment-free workplace.  The conscious pursuit of this value and goal will invariably yield a respect-based workplace. 

How can we help your espoused values become enacted values?



Cognizant of these realities, we have broad and deep expertise in:

  • recruitment & retention of diverse employees & related strategies

  • strategic alignment of diversity & inclusion with the organizational mission, goals and objectives

  • diversity pipeline initiatives

  • conference and program planning, development & assessment

  • diversity , equity & inclusion strategic planning & its embedment in the organizational strategic plan

  • diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives and programs, including affinity groups and employee resource groups

  • diversity training inclusive of perception, unconscious bias, micro-messaging & “privilege" as well as the different elements of workplace diversity

  • advocacy, compliance and enforcement of organizational diversity, equity & inclusion and equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies and initiatives

  • analytics, metrics, assessments and auditing protocols

  • learning from differences, inter-group dialogue & intra-organizational conflict resolution


Organizational Development & Systems Change

According to organizational behavior theories, organizations are living active systems, with distinct cultures and particular reasons for existence.   Within this context,  workplace dynamics and/or need for change can occur on the intrapersonal, interpersonal, group (e.g. work teams, departments, office locations) and organizational/systemic levels.   Grounded in this orientation and equipped to address each of these levels present in the workplace community, we provide the following services to help organizations maximize their performance, attain desired goals and enact espoused values.  


business man.jpg

Facilitation of Organizational and Operational Change Management

  • systems mapping

  • strategic planning and assessment

  • organizational culture assessment and interventions

  • data gathering, feedback & evaluation


Workplace Management

  • on-boarding of individual contributors

  • team assessment and group dynamics

  • workflow and job assessment

  • intraorganizational conflict management & resolution

  • performance management, evaluation and reward structure



  • executive and leadership coaching & development

  • succession planning

  • training for supervisors, managers and decision makers

  • provision of interim leadership/management services during candidate search

In Need of Additional or Complimentary Services and Support??


Feel free to contact our wholeness & well-being coaching division: NovaturienT - The Call of the Hummingbird. 

*** Novaturient (dj.): desiring or seeking powerful change in one's life, behavior or situation.***

Hummingbird: A common symbol among First Nation & Indigenous peoples of the pursuit of joy and healing.


NovaturienT is dedicated to the cultivation and actualization ofwholeness & well-being for individuals, groups and organizations through the provision of wisdom & life coaching, consulting and training services.  In the spirit ofHummingbird, we provide support in the following complimentary areas of the human journey:  career engagement, planning, enhancement and development; life/self assessment, support & thought partnership;  organizational intuitive coaching; community/group/organizational building, development & restoration; spiritual support & direction and leadership support.


Simply click the picture below to be directed to this division.